Tips for Sports Journalists


How to be a good sports journalist? The first recommendation is not to act as a fan. The fan with a microphone is one of the elements that affects sports journalism, but it is not the only one. The journalistic rigor, the honesty in the office and the journalist’s desire for service are also important in this area for his good performance.

Here are few tips for the sports journalist,

1. Sports journalism is also journalism. Your role is to inform, as in any other area of ​​this trade. Here we apply the same general rules of journalistic rigor, ethics, honesty, balance, contrast, confirmation.

2. The journalist should not be a fan. The journalist swells does not report, sentence. Do not analyze, insult. Do not comment, azuza. He does not reason, he just feels. Do not criticize, hate. The fan supports his team, rejoices when he wins and suffers loses; This passion prevents the journalist from giving a good service to his audience.

3. Tell stories. Hard information (hiring, injuries, results, etc.) is important, but it is an occasional and fast process. History, the story, is what most appeals to the public and, in general, what can be most useful.

4. The rumor is not news. In sports journalism, it is common for journalists to spread rumors, especially when it comes to possible hiring. Be careful, behind there may be commercial interests or just false information. In any case, spreading unconfirmed information affects your credibility.

5. Remember: it’s just a game. Sport is entertainment and losing or winning a team does not mean that the world is over or heaven is reached.

6. Do not be naive: this is more than a game. In addition to being a game, sport is a business that has interests behind. And where there is money. The duty of a journalist is to discover the dirt in any activity, even in sports. But not everything is bad, because in addition to being a simple game that offers satisfactions and joys, the sport is an opportunity to spread values , principles, ethical behaviors, etc.

7. Do not bitter your public nor do you believe false expectations. Inform, but remember that you must be with your audience, respect their sadness, not crush their feelings or become part of a court of the inquisition against anyone. Making your audience feel that your team will win the tournament will only result in disappointment if that does not happen.

8. You are neither referee nor coach. The journalist should not judge, but inform. Many times it is enough to show something so that the public “draw their own conclusions”. You do not need to think for your audience, he can do it alone.



A Guide to Choose the Perfect Cricket Bat for You


Choosing the right cricket bat professionally is very much important for a sports person to hit the ball efficiently. Cricket bats are available with a wide range of features, and choosing one is a very personal decision. There is no right or wrong bats, just the one that feels right for you. Of these features, size and ‘pick-up’ or ‘feel’ are particularly important.

The weight of a bat varies from around 1lb 11oz (0.77kg) for the smallest junior bat to 3lb 4oz (1.47kg) for the heaviest full size bat, though anything over 3lb (1.36kg) takes considerable strength to wield. The top of the bat handle should reach the top of a player’s thigh, allowing him to take guard with his weight evenly balanced on both feet, and with his eyes level facing the bowler.

Buying for a junior is a touch more difficult, as there are many size bats depending on the height of the child. It is very important to get the right size bat, so as tempting as it is to get something to ‘grow into’, get the right size bat or the child will struggle to use it properly. If you get a bat too big or heavy, then they will find it very hard to play correct shots and not score many runs.



Alpine Skiing in Summer in a Fitness Club!


The main problem for both professional skiers and winter sports lovers is a short season and remote skiing locations.

The PROLESKI™ ski simulators make going in for your favorite winter sport much easier! We are the world’s only supplier of simulators for professional skiers, boarders, and biathletes.

No matter the geographic or climatic location, on and off-season the alpine ski simulators ensure high intensity and efficiency of the skiing workouts with professional athletes having an opportunity to use their own gear including sharp edge skis.

The PROLESKI™ simulators with their moving decks are capable of replicating any real skiing conditions – turns, overloads, bumps, and ski jumps alike.

An exciting up to 45 km/h speed downhill skiing, the ideal sliding, abrupt turns- all the above will emulate the real alpine conditions and you can also have any downhill run in the world pre-programmed for you.

In addition, the safety sensors with the treadmill soft stoppage system will preclude the athletes’ exposure to injuries in the course of skiing.

We are closely collaborating with the state sports authorities, Education and Sports Ministries of China, The Czech Republic, Turkey and other countries. The Ukraine National Paralympic Team has recently become one of many to award us with a ski simulator order. Lead coaches recommend alpine ski treadmill workouts to be part of the international competitions training program.


Finding all kinds of Ice Skating products in one Skating store


If there is one Sport which both kids and adults love to play it would be none other than Skating, especially Ice Skating and the reason is the Sporting activity is so cool that is something people like to do and happens so naturally using the skates and it is sliding and gliding down smoothly. Whenever people see snowy mountains they immediately remember Ice Skating and watching other people skate even over an icy floor would automatically make people feel itchy to do it. Hence, there could be no other sport that could offer the kind of fun that Skating can give when played safely using right accessories and all the equipment needed.

Only when practiced with all the things needed for skating like Skating guards, skating gear, equipment and accessories are in place and used only then a person learning to skate can get the right the amount of balance and concentration and quickly master the ‘Art of skating’. And it is after through regular and consistent practice their glides and skate would look graceful and they can enjoy to the fullest the fun they get while they skate. If not they have some kind of fear in back of their mind that they might fall not letting them to skate properly. When you skate comfortably a competitive spirit develops and this enhances you skating skills.

To get the right pair of Ice Skates and Skate guards, Skaters should find the right skate store and only with the best skate store they can easily buy high quality skating products and accessories and in particular the ones suitable for them among the skating accessories, ice skating dresses and apparel needed for them. These skate stores can provide a super fast delivery for their customers and have a promising customer service delighting them with free two day shipping.

There are figure skating stores online where all kinds of skating products can be found in one place for both kids and adults, also men and women with all sizes and ranges to choose from, not just that with an online skating store you can find figure skates for sale of world famous ice skating brands.

If you are wondering where to buy ice skates then you can Ice skates find various top brands like Riedell, Jackson, Zuca and Guardog in one skate store. Skating Brands like Jackson Ice Skates need no introduction and are famous for their comfortable Ice skate boots and fits. The Jackson Ice Skates are carefully designed with carbon steel blade for smooth skating and high quality boot skates that stand for a longer lifetime. The Zuca Skate bags are really cool and best ones for backpacking your skate items and to carry them. The Zuca bags look stylish and lightweight and at the same are spacious enough to hold many items exclusively designed for skaters.



Quality head gear for MMA Training and Sparring to protect your head from injuries


Sports is an important physical fitness activity that is needed for everyone if us, it benefits each individual in too many ways. When a person plays a sport it just doesn’t build his body or makes his body fit it also makes him feel relaxed and allows the person to take off from his daily routine. Sports on making it a routine will make you a professional. Sports has not been not given more importance by many people as they feel it is something not much necessary as they are not aware of its benefits.

MMA Training and Sparring

MMA or mixed martial arts and Sparring, it is the combination of different martial arts like Brazilian kick boxing, wrestling and such combat sports. MMA style training is the perfect choice for ones who are interested in learning self-defence, improving self confidence or even just for a try. It is not just for extreme athletes, MMA can be learned by any one as there is no age, abilities, skill levels needed. MMA training makes the person very confident and he will be in a position to handle any situation using this skill.

As these are combat sports, there are lots of chances that a person may get injured when played without proper protection. Especially when a person is injured in his head during sports it might lead to Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). Head injury usually refers to TBI, but is a broader category because it can involve damage to structures other than the brain, such as the scalp and the skull. This injury is possible when something very hard hits on the head and if they fall due to a force then TBI is likely to be the problem. TBI mostly leads the person to death and disability.

Head gear is the most important tool that each sports person should have, be it a cricketer, boxer, Rugby player helmet is the most important tool which they have too have. It is not just enough to just to wear some normal head gear that just covers your head, it is necessary that the head gear should be strong and must protect your from all kinds of injuries of head.

Quality head gear for MMA Training and Sparring to protect your head from injuries

As the chances of head injury are high during a MMA Training and Sparring, hence to protect from head injuries, it is very necessary to have a quality mma head gear for the ones who play the sport because the game deals with lot of force and the exposure of body and head is more and in order to protect the players have to wear a good quality head gear to protect themselves form unwanted accidents that might lead to TBI. The head gear must be comfortable for the player such that it should be strong and it should be spongy inside. The  head gear needs to be fulfilling the player who uses it , it shouldn’t be just a coverage to the head.



How a dive computer helps in managing risks with Water Sports like Scuba Diving and Surfboarding


Among the most risky water sports and sea or ocean exploring activities, the one that would top the list is Scuba Diving. A dive computer or a decompression meter is an electronic device of the scuba divers used to measure the profile of their dives such as depth, bottom time and much more. It displays the necessary information needed for a safe dive, assists to avoid decompression sickness.

The dive computers addresses this problem of the divers as decompression tables, that gives the information to the scuba divers about the safe limits within which they can dive and how deep they can go and how long they can stay there.

The Best Dive Computers provide the required information dynamically before and after the dive which is required for safe diving and is a major prime tool in aspects of safety. The dive computer, based on the dive profile recorded carries out the calculation of gases in the body continuously.

As the computer measures the depth and time, it reduces the diver’s job to carry a watch and depth gauge and it is also capable enough to warn about the excessive ascent rates and the decompression stops that were missed during the dive, any Scuba Diver will understand the needs of having this vital information for their successful diving. Algorithms: Apart from the look, feel, price and having other obvious features, the main differentiating factor across various types and brands of dive computers is the algorithm that is used in each model of dive computer.

There are Suunto’s Reduced Gradient Bubble Algorithm, haldanian algorithm and many other different and popular algorithms used by many dive manufacturers as each algorithm offers a unique benefit that makes them important.

There is a never ending debate about the algorithms and their best results. Hence, it finally comes to which Dive computer is most suitable for the Diver’s needs of Scuba diving and the one which is uses the algorithm relevant to that must be bought and used.

There are different algorithms and the implementation of these algorithms by the dive computers can be more or less aggressive or conservative. An aggressive dive computer gives more bottom time compared to the conservative type.

Above all, it is wise to understand the property and functions of one, own dive computer and that will ensure that the dive computer fits the comfort level and the skill of the using diver.



Tips for becoming successful at any Sport


When children are on vacation and can enjoy more leisure time is good time to encourage physical exercise. But beware, it is also advisable to acquire certain knowledge to make the practice safer. Because we want you to develop the superpower of the exercise in the most appropriate way, we propose you eight tips to take into account:

Tip 1. Exercise every day. The ideal to find healthy benefits is that children between 5 and 17 years of age perform moderate or intense physical activity for a minimum of 60 minutes a day, that is, at least seven hours a week.

Tip 2. The practice of physical exercise should be incorporated into daily life as a healthy habit from childhood as well as hygiene, diet or study. Routines that are acquired when they are small are easily maintained when they are adults and miss when they are missing or can not be done. The whole family must get involved to get the super power of exercise.

Tip 3. In summer, it is recommended to choose those less hot slots, to ensure hydration and to choose games and water sports, this way we will avoid heat stroke and make physical exercise more enjoyable and fun.

Tip 4. Which sport to choose- During childhood, children have to practice games that aim at fun, learning and psychomotor development. In adolescence you can perform any sport. Initially, variation should be sought for the development of global skills and capabilities. Little by little more specific sports will be selected with which each child feels more comfortable. Any sport, if performed properly and adapted to the child’s age, is beneficial.

Tip 5. Start baby. In principle, with a baby you have to play to stimulate and interact. Although it is not a structured physical exercise, learning and psychomotor development depends on the games that incorporate physical activity.

Tip 6. The heating in the practice of physical exercise is always recommended. Depending on each sport, educators and trainers should ensure that it is conducted before each session. Practice any sport taking into account the appropriate safety and protection measures to avoid injury.

Tip 7. In case of illness or doubt, ask the pediatrician. It has been shown that the child with chronic disease (eg cancer, asthma, neurological disease) with physical exercise adapted to his condition improves his prognosis. In other conditions of disease with cardiovascular or locomotor limitation, physical exercise can also be beneficial. However, there are very specific situations of acute illness in which it is not advised and even the child himself will not want to exercise. Before the doubt it will be the pediatrician or the competent specialist who will solve this question.

Tip 8. Do not let false myths stop you. For example, in healthy girls, exercising does not delay the onset of menstruation. Equally, menstruation is not a reason for not doing the sport that you practice routinely.



Things to look for while buying a Scuba diving Computer


The following are the list of questions to be asked, verified and clarified before choosing or buying a dive computer for your Scuba diving. These questions will help you to land up identifying the best dive computer for your diving guiding and safety assistance. Also, by checking out, you can get more ideas on what to look for in a Scuba diving computer

1. The first question to ask is what is your budget for dive computer?

2. What is the information or parameters you are looking for the computer to display?

3. Does the dive computer turn itself on and off? It is nice feature for the forgetting people.

4. What type or style of computer? Wrist watch or console. Hose-mount or clip on.

5. Check whether you are able to easily read and understand the information in the display. Check whether the buttons are easy to use especially while you are wearing the gloves.

6. Check how many dives does the computer log? In some entry level models 10 dives can be logged.

7. Does the computer dive has the provision of tracking your dive while changing the battery in the middle of the dive trip This is essential if you take more number of dive trips in a year or multi dives in a day.

8. Check whether the dive computer backlit? It is especially important if you do night diving, wreck diving or cave diving.

9. Are you in need of air integrated computer? If so, decide whether you would like to have it on a hose or a wireless setup.

10. Decide on the nitrox capability. Think whether you may need it in the future. If you are having the idea of diving with nitrox in the future, then probably you should buy a dive computer with this provision. This will not add a whole lot to your cost and it may save your future expenditure.

11. Check the type of algorithm it uses to calculate the decompression whether liberal or conservative.

12. Uploading the dive information to a PC is becoming a common one. Do you need this provision? If so check with the Scuba dive computer.

13. Check whether it is good for altitude diving.

14. Check for the availability of local service and the type of warranty.
It can be a sizable investment as you are going to use all the provisions and it would be the best selection for you.



Things to know before begin to play any Sports


Comfortable cotton sportswear makes movement and perspiration easier. Wear good sneakers that support your foot and protect your heel from bumps; You will avoid injuries of ankles, knees and back.

If you want to have fun doing sports you have to have enough energy; Like everything (fruits, vegetables, legumes, pasta, meat, fish, milk …).
Try to eat something about two hours before doing sports.

If your sport is cycling or skating, remember to always wear a helmet.
Wear the tracksuit to shelter you after exercising.

After sports, get a shower as soon as possible
If you feel bad or have a fever, rest and do not play sports that day
When you encounter discomfort of any kind interrupts the activity, you have exerted yourself in excess and you need to rest.

If you are competing visit to the doctor; He will do an exploration to see that there are no health problems that prevent you from doing so. Your goal should not only be to be the best or be the first. Enjoy the sport with your teammates!
If you have any questions, consult your Physical Education teacher or your coach.



On Choosing the right Under Water Diving Computer


It is well known that Scuba diving is one of the risky activities involved in water exploration. Dive computers supports not only in easy diving but also enhances safety and clarity for divers. However the safety and the efficacy of the dive computer depend on its features.

It is very important for a Diver to always carry out comprehensive research on various dive computers available in the market and their features before purchasing a suitable one because only with the right Dive computer they can get the support required for their safe diving. Here given are the comprehensive factors to be considered while purchasing a dive computer which will help not only in understanding those features but also to buy the right dive computer for them.

Hence, keep in mind and look out for these aspects when you check out the Dive Computer Reviews, Console or wrist: There are two types Wrist and console computers. Wrist computers can be worn on the wrist. On the other hand, it can be attached to the diver’s suit. Selecting the ideal type depends on the individual taste and preferences. Modern wrist diving computers are highly sophisticated and most diver s prefer to have wrist computers as they are small, eliminating of falling off

Recoding and downloading: Check whether the dive computer has enough capacity to log your diving sessions. Nowadays most of them are capable of storing up to 10 dives. Also check whether there is option to download the logged data to refer in your free time.

Air integration: You can integrate it with your air tank so that you can measure the air supply, your breathe rate etc. Console dive computers connect to the air tank using a hose while the wrist computer is attached to the air tank through a transmitter.

Battery Replacement: For those divers who are under water for a long time they need more than one rechargeable battery. So check whether there is a removable battery. So that you can carry more than one with you for replacement

Nitrox compatibility: If you need to dive nitrox then you may be in need of nitrox compatible dive computer.

Additional Features: There are also other minor convenient features such as compass, maps, heart rate monitor etc. You can avail them at extra cost
Consider all these factors to purchase the ideal diving computer suiting your needs and prevent disappointments.